So you’ve been thinking about digitizing those old VHS or miniDV tapes? Or what about all of those pictures in your old family albums? Or maybe you’re the person who loves books and would rather have them all compiled on a single hard drive versus scattered all over the house…Well 40 Day Media is happy to help! Contact us for additional details on all of our conversion services.

Our video transfer process ensures the best possible transfers of your materials. We use professional quality, dedicated video converters and hardware, under the care of knowledgeable AV Professionals to provide our clients with high quality AVI or MOV files for archiving, exhibition and non-linear editing. Playable DVDs and compressed MP4 files are also available upon request.

Data files are delivered via DropBox for easy, remote access. However, additional delivery methods are available, according to file size. Smaller files (under 3.6GB) can be delivered on a DVD. Files above 3.6GB in size can be delivered on an external hard drive or thumb drive (provided by the client) or an external hard drive can be purchased for you.

Analog to Digital provides transfer services for the following film/video formats: VHS (NTSC), MiniDV (SD Only), Audio CD

Video Transfer from VHS to MP4 (0-60 minutes): [$9] | [61-120 minutes): [$16]

DVD Transfer to MOV or AVI (0-60 Minutes): [$7} | (61-120 Minutes): [$12]

CD Transfer from playable audio to mp3 (Up to 2 hours): [+$6 ] | to aiff (Up to 2 hours): [+$7]

Optional Services Available: Additional DVDs: $5.80, Custom DVD Label Design $7.40, Custom Video Editing: $40 p/hr